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We often hear: “I hate brown rice! I really can’t swallow oats!”

Introducing the smooth and yummy brown rice instant beverage packed with natural vitamins and minerals: NutriBrownRice® is a healthy drink for your breakfast, teatime or supper. Brown rice is 100% whole grain! 1 cup of NutriBrownRice® can serve you up to 42% of your daily wholegrain requirement. Consuming Whole-grains can help to improve high cholesterol, high blood pressure, high blood sugar level, digestive problems and slimming. Feel full longer!

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I was lucky that my grandma lived long enough to prepare the original brown rice drink that she took hours to grind, boil and stir, just for my whole family to feel full longer and have the energy to work/study. Now within just seconds, I get to prepare the exact ancestral drink that I have been looking for."
- Veronica, 59.