Hmm, are we healthy yet? We are not only discussing physical health but mental health is also included too! Give yourself 3 minutes to go through this!


“Yea yea, eat a variety of foods right? I know, right”. We guess you are thinking of this, if yes, you have got half of our point. The reason why scientists advise people to do it is to ensure they have sufficient micronutrients! We know your school might have taught you well about this (calcium for bone health and so on), but people often ignore the importance of micronutrients. The very first step of being healthy is to get an adequate amount of every nutrient! (in case you don’t have any idea, you may try out our products, they are all packed with thorough nutrition!)


Old old point. Exercise can make you happier, no joke! You will benefit a LOT from exercising regardless of the intensity. Exercise can instantly boost happy chemicals by releasing endorphins, which help a person in remaining good mood. Regular physical activity improves the quality of sleep and the ability to learn new things. Studies prove that regular exercise can stimulate the production of cells responsible for learning and memory, which is good for children’s brain development. And here we have an old sentence for you- the regular readers of our articles again: 150 minutes of exercising per week, as simple as walking will do.


It is the MOST extremely important thing that we think people need. A fast-paced, robot-like lifestyle just doesn’t seem to allow you to slow down and nourish your soul. Make an appointment for yourself, it will just take a very short period from you, start by jotting down your thought (just anything!) in a paper until it is full for every morning. Or you can try meditation (as in “5 ways to relax your mind and soul”)!


Just, slow it down. We know your life might be filled with stress. But ignoring your health just won’t do any good for you. We hope you could look at yourself rather than unknowingly commit your whole life to work and money. As the saying goes, the first wealth is health. Without health, we truly have nothing.


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