So for now we have covered on the symptoms, treatments and the prevalence of acid reflux in Malaysia, now we will be taking you through about the 5 main causes to it.

  1. Stomach problems. Diaphragm don’t work correctly to prevent acid from rising into esophagus, so now the acids can go up there much easier
  2. Pregnancy.Relax, it will happen ONLY when you are pregnant, it will go away after you have delivered your little one (or ones).
  3. Smoking. It does a lot of harm that make sure you will suffer acid reflux. It damages mucus membrane, increase gastric acid secretion and so on. Smoking is just not good overall.
  4. Overweight or Obese. Scientists say extra abdominal fat can cause acid to go up esophagus easily.
  5. Some foods and drinks.They may cause extra production of gastric acid, or harder to be digested. Examples include high fat foods, spicy food, acidic foods and chocolate.

Knowing these is important
There are many people out there that do not even know why and how they got acid reflux while what they do actually are making them suffer. Spreading this knowledge among people you know especially those with acid reflux will help them a lot!

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