A piece of sad news to tell you all, yes, we can still get illnesses with the right nutrition intake all the time. And today we are listing 5 of them out.

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Parkinson’s disease

This is a neurodegenerative disease that worsens over time, happens when the cells in one part of the brain (substantia nigra to be specific) start to die. A person with Parkinson’s disease may have trouble performing activities of daily life. Parkinson’s disease symptoms are classified into motor symptoms and non-motor symptoms. Motor symptoms generally involved slow movement, tremors. and muscle stiffness. Meanwhile, non-motor symptoms affect their sleep quality, sensitivity to smell, and depression. There are treatments to relieve the disease but no cure for Parkinson’s disease currently. Most of the time the treatment is focusing on helping patients improve their quality of life.


Like our previous articles like “5 migraine causes and how to cure it?”, This is often mistaken to be a headache. In most cases, the exertion of migraine pain is on one side of the head whereas a normal headache can be at the forehead or throughout the head. Migraine is more common in women than in men, particularly during menstruation, pregnancy, and menopause. It can significantly affect the quality of life of a person through both emotional and physical suffering. Same as above, no cure but treatments. The lifestyle changes are believed to relieve the severity and frequency of migraine attacks. Some proven solutions include reducing stress, eating regularly, getting enough sleep, and maintaining an exercise routine.

Body ache

Well, yes but actually no. Factors that make you suffer from these include stress, dehydration, lacking sleep, and so on. Most of them can be solved just by allowing yourself to make little adjustments. Take a rest and never stand or walk for long periods. Mindful meditation is a good way to reduce stress after a whole day of work by eliminating the thoughts that causing stress.

Spine problems

The main cause of this is, aging! We can’t do anything on that but we can pay extra attention to having correct posture when sitting and doing anything else! It is also important to practice correct posture when lifting a heavy object to prevent strain. This is because injury and arthritis disease can damage the spine by causing disc and bone problems. Spine damage may induce pain in your back or neck and numbness in your legs. Seek help right away if you have severe back pain and bowel problems. Treatment for spine problems includes physical therapy, taking medication, and surgery.

Digestive issue

This includes gene-determining diseases like lactose intolerance and those not related to genes such as irritable bowel syndrome. But be optimistic, having a consistent mealtime will help you in preventing problems like this. Eat small and more frequent meals if you have digestive issues can improve your digestion. Be remember to drink enough water and add fiber to your diet to stimulate bowel movements. Generally, digestive problems are short-term by practicing a healthy lifestyle.

Be optimistic

If things are unpreventable, what we can do is to do our best to prevent those which are possible and cherish our moments. Hope this article enlightens you!

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