Benefits of Prebiotics (Inulin)-Evidence-Based Study

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Prebiotics (Inulin) is a type of food or fiber that is used to feed our gut bacteria. It is used to provide nutrients and increase the activity of our gut bacteria. Prebiotics is important to our health in maintaining the gut’s microbiota. It’s also shown to provide many health benefits such as reducing blood glucose and blood cholesterol.

According to Wang and his colleagues, they have done a systematic review and meta-analysis of 33 randomized controlled trials. Based on the study, they have found up that taking inulin in a median of 10g/day helps reduce blood sugar (HbA1c, fasting blood glucose, fasting insulin) and improves insulin resistance in 56days. The short summary of the research article was shown as below:

  • Female has better effect compared with male in terms of inulin efficacy
  • Inulin in drink form is better in any other forms.
  • Research suggested that taking Inulin up to 20g/day is considering safe.
  • The side effect of Inulin is rare and minimal such as abdominal flatulence and bloating.
  • Some studies also showed that Inulin helps in reducing blood cholesterol.
  • The combination of Inulin and probiotics has shown better improvement in insulin resistance.
  • It’s recommended to take as supplements in drink form with 10g/day in 6 weeks time for people with high blood sugar (prediabetes) or diabetes.

Pravin and his friends also did another study on the performance of Inulin supplements on glycemic status and lipid profile. The summary of the research was shown below:

  • Inulin has been proven to reduce body weight and BMI.
  • Inulin has shown to able to improve lipid profile (total cholesterol, total triglyceride, LDL, LDL/HDL, TC/HDL ratio).
  • Inulin was also shown to improve the antioxidant activity of our body.

In summary, prebiotic (Inulin) has shown many health benefits to humans. Why not take it now to control our blood sugar and cholesterol level. Now we can drink the “king” of whole grains, brown rice with prebiotic (Inulin) in just a cup with NutriBrownRice®️. GET IT NOW!!

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