5 vitamins and minerals that are good for hearts

Vitamins and minerals are the most commonly consumed dietary supplements in maintaining or improving good heart health. Vitamins and minerals can be obtained from the diet as they cannot be generated in vivo. Vegetables and fruits are good sources of vitamins and minerals. After highlighting points about heart disease in the previous post, time to … Read more

Heart Problems Symptoms You Should Be Sensitive To

If you are clicking into this link, we guess you somehow concern about topics related to the heart. We think you may be interested in our similar article “5 heart attack signs that we should not ignore”. Now let’s start. Shortness of breath Ever had an unusual breathing rate for no reason? You need to … Read more

Breast cancer cause and prevention

Do you know that breast cancer is the most common cancer affecting women? Regardless of the family history and inherited genes, the majority of breast cancer incidence occurred due to the changes in the way we live that induce the risk factors for breast cancer. After introducing cancers back in “Hormone imbalance and cancer links”, … Read more

3 main keys to human health

Hmm, are we really healthy yet? We are not only discussing physical health, but mental health is also included too! Give yourself a 3 minute to go through this! Nutrition “Yea yea, eat a variety of foods right? I know, right”. We guess you are thinking of this, if yes, you have got half of … Read more

Is ketogenic diet really good?

This type of diet is getting famous around the United States in these few years, and it seems like fame is coming over to Malaysia too. And today we will be talking about the ketogenic diet. What is it? This is a diet with little to no carbohydrates and a high-fat diet, forcing the body … Read more

Crohn’s disease improvement

Crohn’s disease is a condition where inflammation happens in your digestive tract. A straight fact, there is no cure for Crohn’s disease as of now, only treatments to reduce the signs and symptoms (treatments are different from person to person) Treatment We focus more on what patients can control than those out of control (such … Read more

Dialysis: What people don’t know

Dialysis, everyone with kidney failure will have to gone through this, but that is the only thing people would know commonly. And here we have things that people do not know about dialysis. Things people don’t know about dialysis Sodium and potassium limitations. Dialysis patients are required to limit or avoid intakes of these. So … Read more

5 main acid reflux cause

So for now we have covered on the symptoms, treatments and the prevalence of acid reflux in Malaysia, now we will be taking you through about the 5 main causes to it. Causes Stomach problems. Diaphragm don’t work correctly to prevent acid from rising into esophagus, so now the acids can go up there much … Read more

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