NutriBran 100% Pure Brown Rice Powder

Ideal first baby food


HALAL certified by JAKIM

NO added sugar/salt

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Baby Melissa
Baby Melissa8 months old
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My baby is a fussy picky-eater, even milk brand, I have to stick to a specific brand. I tried other brands of baby purees but my baby rejected all. NutriBran is my baby's first solid food, she has never rejected at all. The texture is smooth and fine enough as long as I blend with warm water. No added artificial ingredients at att, best to be my baby's first food
Baby Angeline
Baby Angeline6 months old
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In the beginning my baby rejected a little bit. But after trying for a few days, my baby likes it so much. It's a must for my 6 months old daughter now as her daily solid food. It is also a very good base for me to mix and blend carrots, bananas, berries, or yogurt to make it interesting for my baby.
Baby Jasper
Baby Jasper2 years old
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My baby is 2 years now, he took NutriBran brown rice powder since he was 4 months old. At first I put into puree for him, after he is one year old, I mix into his milk for him to drink. Brown rice powder make him feel full and he has been sleeping at night without waking up since he was 6 months