NutriBrownRice® Healthy Brown Rice Drink

ORIGINAL – NO SUGAR ADDED Contains inulin, a prebiotic fibre which is good for gastric , acid reflux and constipation. Inulin is good for skin and suitable for diabetic patients. Ingredients : Brown Rice Powder (54%), Non-dairy Creamer (Coconut Oil – 100% Vegan), Inulin (Prebiotic), Calcium Phosphate Tribasic (Prayphos™) Lactos Free. May contain trace element … Read more

How Malaysians can stay safe out of Coronavirus outbreak?

In Dec 2019, the first Coronavirus patient was confirmed in Wuhan, China. On 25 Jan 2020, the 2019-20 coronavirus pandemic was confirmed to spread to Malaysia. On 4 Feb 2020, Malaysia has its first local transmission of coronavirus On 27 Feb to 1 March 2020, 16,000 people attended a four-days ritual event in Sri Petaling … Read more

The importance of understanding the symptoms of Coronavirus?

In order to contain the Coronavirus better, we need to know the virus from an in-depth perspective. This is important to contain Coronavirus although we are not medical personnel. What are the symptoms of Coronavirus? According to WHO, symptoms of Coronavirus involved:- fever tiredness dry cough. Other symptoms include: shortness of breath aches and pains … Read more

Is ketogenic diet really good?

This type of diet is getting famous around the United States in these few years, and it seems like fame is coming over to Malaysia too. And today we will be talking about the ketogenic diet. What is it? This is a diet with little to no carbohydrates and a high-fat diet, forcing the body … Read more

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