Hard to conceive baby? Try these steps.

Almost all of us were taught that getting a baby is extremely easy back then in our school days. But the reality is, people are thinking it much easier than it really is. And here we have steps to solve your problem. Steps Don’t use birth control.No, we are not talking about the “rubber”, but … Read more

How to effectively reduce visceral fats

This is among the most attentive topic ever for many people. Losing visceral fats will make you lose weight! Now we are writing to guide you people to do it! Exercise Old thing to repeat again, but it works very good if you can keep exercising! Just another new tip, cardio exercise work much better … Read more

5 main acid reflux cause

So for now we have covered on the symptoms, treatments and the prevalence of acid reflux in Malaysia, now we will be taking you through about the 5 main causes to it. Causes Stomach problems. Diaphragm don’t work correctly to prevent acid from rising into esophagus, so now the acids can go up there much … Read more

Dialysis: What people don’t know

Dialysis, everyone with kidney failure will have to gone through this, but that is the only thing people would know commonly. And here we have things that people do not know about dialysis. Things people don’t know about dialysis Sodium and potassium limitations. Dialysis patients are required to limit or avoid intakes of these. So … Read more