5 common food poisoning bacteria/viruses

5 common food poisoning bacteria and virus

In developed countries, most of the food-related illnesses are due to the consumption of contaminated foods or drinks with regard to the number of outbreaks. A latest breaking news of food poisoning was reported in Terengganu, Malaysia with recent consumption of “pudding buih” – a local dessert. Most of the patients developed symptoms of stomach … Read more

Importance of consulting medical doctors

Importance of consulting medical doctor

We believe that we all have someone in our surroundings, who just never wanted to consult doctors for some reason. Many studies have identified the reasons for avoiding medical consultation often including lack of perception towards the need for seeking medical consultation, emotional factors (e.g., fear of bad news and embarrassment), financial concerns, and time … Read more

Comparison of NutriBran™ Brown Rice Powder vs Cooked Brown Rice

NutriBrownRice®️ Comparison of Cooked Brown Rice vs Brown Rice Powder

Test Parameter Unit Cooked Brown Rice(per 100g) Pure Brown Rice Powder(per 100g) Daily Value Manganese mg 0.9 1.5 75% Vitamin E mg 0 6.1 41% Vitamin B6 mg 0.1 0.8 40% Magnesium mg 39 106.9 27% Phosphorus mg 103 251.3 25% Choline mg 9.2 43.9 22% Vitamin B2 mg 0.1 0.3 18% Vitamin B3 mg … Read more

3 main keys to human health

Hmm, are we really healthy yet? We are not only discussing physical health, but mental health is also included too! Give yourself a 3 minute to go through this! Nutrition “Yea yea, eat a variety of foods right? I know, right”. We guess you are thinking of this, if yes, you have got half of … Read more

Breast cancer cause and prevention

Do you know that breast cancer is the most common cancer affecting women? Regardless of the family history and inherited genes, the majority of breast cancer incidence occurred due to the changes in the way we live that induce the risk factors for breast cancer. After introducing cancers back in “Hormone imbalance and cancer links”, … Read more

Heart Problems Symptoms You Should Be Sensitive To

If you are clicking into this link, we guess you somehow concern about topics related to the heart. We think you may be interested in our similar article “5 heart attack signs that we should not ignore”. Now let’s start. Shortness of breath Ever had an unusual breathing rate for no reason? You need to … Read more

5 vitamins and minerals that are good for hearts

Vitamins and minerals are the most commonly consumed dietary supplements in maintaining or improving good heart health. Vitamins and minerals can be obtained from the diet as they cannot be generated in vivo. Vegetables and fruits are good sources of vitamins and minerals. After highlighting points about heart disease in the previous post, time to … Read more

Top 5 common food allergens

Food allergies, it is, for most of the case, the “I’m not feeling so good after eating this” if food poisoning is excluded. It is actually because the immune system wrongly thinks the protein of food is harmful and making a response to it. You are at higher risk for developing food allergy if one … Read more

Why do people get lactose intolerance

“Milk is such a good thing to drink, I wonder why Jason suffers from drinking it”. If you ever had this question, we will solve this for you before starting our topic of the day; the “Jason” here may have lactose intolerance. What is lactose intolerance? Lactose is a type of sugar found in most … Read more