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Crohn’s disease is a condition where inflammation happens in your digestive tract. A straight fact, there is no cure for Crohn’s disease as of now, only treatments to reduce the signs and symptoms (treatments are different from person to person)
We focus more on what patients can control than those out of control (such as pills).

  • Pills. This includes many different types of medications. All of these are subjected to patients’ condition and doctors’ comment.
  • This will only be carried out by doctors when treatments don’t relieve the signs and symptoms. BUT the disease will come back again, but following surgery with medication minimize the risk.
  • Nutrition therapy.Inject nutrients into vein or pass a special diet via a feeding tube to improve your overall nutrition and rest your bowel. This therapy is only done by doctors.
  • Quit smoking.Smokers are known to have higher possibility of relapses.
  • Take smaller meals but at more number of meals, drink water, taking vitamin supplements and try to limit the foods that are or containing
    • Dairy products
    • High-fat
    • Fiber
    • Spicy
    • Alcohols
    • Caffeine

Since all of these may make your symptoms worse.
Be noted that: THERE IS NO FIRM EVIDENCE THAT PROVES THE CORRELATION BETWEEN THIS DISEASE AND DIET, and diet treatments suggested above will only make the symptoms less worse.
You are advised to CONSULT your doctor before going for SUPPLEMENTS especially herbs. Some “herbs” or so called “traditional medicine” are not regulated by stringent regulations as compared to pharmaceutical products.
Don’t be disappointed
Although there is no real cure to this disease for time being. We should believe in scientists that they will someday find the way to this.

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