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Dialysis, everyone with kidney failure will have to gone through this, but that is the only thing people would know commonly. And here we have things that people do not know about dialysis.
Things people don’t know about dialysis

  • Sodium and potassium limitations. Dialysis patients are required to limit or avoid intakes of these. So they are not encouraged to take in things like tomatoes, potatoes and salts. (Of course the list of foods is more than these 3!)
  • Record fluid intake. They have to keep track on quantity of fluid they are drinking or eating into their body. Taking too much fluid will cause them to have swellings on their body and low blood pressure.
  • Protein foods are good choice to them but they have to look at their intake on other nutrients too. (Like sodium!)
  • Having too much of them will weaken their bone and cause muscle as well as hearing problems! (Dairy products contain higher phosphorus than normal foods!)
  • Calcium intake.They have to take in at most 1500mg of calcium carbonate to withstand the effect of having too much phosphorus depending on phosphorus level in the body.
  • Most of them are anemic! Dialysis patients’ blood are tested per month to check if they need blood transfusion or not.
  • They are weak to infections.That’s why they wear face masks in dialysis room.
  • They can choose to either do dialysis at home or hospitals.This must be fresh to most of us, but doing dialysis at home requires several criteria to be met before their healthcare teams agree.
  • Dialysis patients can work. Of course they can! People often think that they can’t work, while in fact, they are only required to have dialysis for 3 times a week usually and they can choose the time to do so.

Now you know more!
It is pretty sad that people don’t know much about dialysis when there are many people around them having to attend dialysis session. We hope these points refresh your view on them.

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