Diarrhea in Kids And Recovery

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It is very worrying every time we see our kids fall sick and we have a hard time trying to focus every time it happens.  As a parent, it is tired to take care of children who suffer from diarrhea particularly young children, which are the most vulnerable group to diarrhea disease. This disease can potentially affect the health and nutritional status of children. Acute diarrhea may lead to life-threatening due to loss of fluid and rapid dehydration. Early treatment is thus important to relieve the symptoms of diarrhea before the situation becomes worsens.

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What is diarrhea?

It is a situation where one passes stools that are loose or (or and) watery or increased frequency of pooping.


Just so you know, diarrhea is a symptom of a disease instead of the disease itself. It may be due to these main causes:

  • Diet. This is for the case of non-disease. This happens when they take in juices with high fructose and sorbitol.
  • Intestinal microflora. The number and types of microorganisms living in the intestine differ from people to people. Some would promote looser poops.
  • Infection. This may be a viral, or bacterial infection. But it always comes together with fever and some other symptoms (which is very obvious).

To be noted

  • Sports drinks. Some think it is okay to drink, but it is not recommended to be used to recover kids from diarrhea. Parents can replace sports drinks with an oral rehydration solution to prevent dehydration among children.
  • Check for bloody stools, kids don’t know and they most probably won’t inform you about this, if you found blood there, go to the doctor. This may because of intestinal damage caused by Shigella, a bacterial agent that is the most common cause of bloody diarrhea.
  • Keep a food diary of your kids, write it in amount, frequency, and diarrhea timing, it will help the doctor to diagnose the cause if it is not normal diarrhea.
  • Increase fiber intake. Quick science fact: Fiber works by absorbing water and therefore it helps to reduce the wateriness of diarrhea.

It requires your attention

Though diarrhea may be harmless, it may be harmful too! Be very noted with what your kids tell you and what is happening to them.

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