Our Food Safety Policy

We are committed in

Food Safety Management System (FSMS)

Implementing a FSMS according to HACCP system to produce safe quality products that meet customer satisfactory and continually improve the effectiveness of both FSMS and HACCP system..

Safe Ingredients

Ensuring our products manufactured by using the ingredients that are physically, chemically and biologically safe for human consumption.

Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)

Complying to statutory and regulatory requirements and conform to customer requirements with consistent safe food products through the application of GMP/ GHP and HACCP principles.

Competencies & Communications

Ensuring competencies of all employees involved in food production by receiving training in food safety and handling course. Making sure both internal and external communications regarding food safety quality are fully addressed.

Our founder, Branden, checking through the details in ensuring food safety and complying to stringent standards.

Our Certification

by Jakim Malaysia

Halal Cert

We standardise our food products and process in accordance with the Malaysian Halal Certification Scheme issued by Jakim Malaysia.

UKAS certified

ISO 22000

With our implementation of ISO 22000, our customers are confident in the food products quality we provide. 

Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Point


With HACCP, we carry out our analysis in food processing and ensuring crucial implementation of critical control point.

Good Manufacturing Practice


It is important to ensure effective hygiene control happen at every point of the food chain. GMP helps us to account for it.