Have you ever wonder how your gut health affects your whole body? In fact, our gut plays an important role in our general health. It’s important to regulate our emotion, immune system and brain development.

Our gut contains millions of good bacteria which are known as gut microbiota. They are important to maintain our health. These bacteria also aid in digestion and helping our body to absorb various nutrients. They are also important in enhancing our immune system. Besides, recent research also showed that gut health is important to our mental health and brain development.

Benefits of Good Gut Health


How can we maintain a healthy gut?

It’s important to maintain our gut health through our daily foods. There is a saying goes “Food is the first necessities for man”. Food or daily diet is important to us. Hence, we must take care and be selective in our daily food to maintain a healthy gut.


1) Eat more wholegrains, fruits and vegetables

Eat a balanced and nutrient-rich diet. it should include more whole grains, fruits and vegetables. These foods are fibre-rich which are good for gut microbiota. We should eat as many different types of vegetables and fruits that are variety in colour such as dark green, orange, red and etc.

2) Take foods that are rich in prebiotics

Prebiotics are food that promotes the growth of good bacteria in our gut. It’s a complex and undigested fibre for human. It’s only digest or breakdown by certain bacteria in our gut. Prebiotics are usually found in vegetables, fruits and whole grains. Prebiotics also has shown to effectively reduce blood sugar level, cholesterol level and weight reduction.

3) Eat more probiotics foods

Probiotics are good bacteria in our diet. Hence, we should include more probiotics-rich foods in our daily diet. Example of foods that are high in probiotics is cultured milk drink, yoghurt, tempeh, kimchi, natto and etc.

4)Reduce the intake of foods high in sugar and fat

Reduce the intake of foods that are high in sugar and fat such as 3in1 beverage drinks, carbonated soft drinks and processed foods. We should reduce these type of foods as these foods are not favorable for good bacteria to growth.

5) Exercise and sleep well

Exercise has been shown to increase the diversity of good bacteria in our gut. It’s recommended to do exercise for at least 150minutes/ week for general health beings. Taking adequate sleep for at least 7 hours per day is important to maintain good gut health.


Make the right decision

Lastly, Human gut health is more complex than what we are thinking of. A healthy gut is important for a good immune system, brain development, mental health, improved mood and effective digestion. Diet and lifestyle play an important role in maintaining our overall health. Hence, it’s important to control our “mouth” and be selective in our diet.

We should take more fruits, vegetable and wholegrain in our daily diet. Why not we taking the “king” of grains, brown rice & prebiotics in just a cup to keep our gut healthy? Still worry about what to eat to maintain your health? Let’s get a try.