If you are clicking into this link, we guess you somehow concern about topics related to the heart. We think you may be interested in our similar article “5 heart attack signs that we should not ignore”. Now let’s start.

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Shortness of breath

Ever had an unusual breathing rate for no reason? You need to be more cautious about your heart health when you notice the symptom of breathless when walking or lying flat on the bed.

Easily tired during exercise

If you find yourself feeling very tired after doing things that won’t exhaust you this much, you better be careful with potential problems in your heart. Fatigue are often linked to heart failure as the heart is unable to supply enough blood to the muscles.

Chest problems

Chest pain, chest discomfort, chest pressure, or even chest tightness are linking you to a higher possibility of having heart problems. It may lasts more than a few minutes and you may feel pain or uncomfortable pressure in your chest.

Swelling at legs/feet/ankles

Swelling around the ankles that increase day by day is another symptoms of heart disease. It probably means your heart is not pumping the blood effective enough that blood stays in the vein and cause bloating.

Coughing for long time

It is quite a rare, but if your coughing just won’t end, and you found your cough come out with pink or white mucus. Your heart has allowed blood to leak back into the lungs (which should not be happening in a healthy individual!).

Please pay extra attention!

Pause your busy life for a while, look for any heart problem signs on you or people around you. Your kind attention will someday save a life!

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