Top health problems that faced in our society

Modernisation has change our lifestyles. Most of us are busy in working, house works and etc. All this busy and fast environment has change our eating habit which flavor us to take outside food, fast food or food that flavour our taste. This lifestyle definitely could save our time in obtaining a work-life balance. However, it also could leads us to many silent diseases. NutriBrownRice®️ is here to help you walk towards healthy journey. 

High Cholesterol

High Cholestero


High Blood Sugar 



Gastritis Obesity

You are what you eat”

Ludwig Fuerbach

Our bodies need a lot of energy to keep us going through out the day. However, many of us choose our food intake based on our own taste preferences. Not many are paying enough attention to food nutrients, especially whole grain.

Do ask ourselves, are we eating at least 3 serving of whole grain a day? Many of us are guilty of not even eating 1 serving of whole grain a day. 

With NutriBrownRice®️, we are here to help in human longevity as research indicates that higher whole grain consumption is associated with lower fatal and cardiovascular disease mortality.

With NutriBrownRice®️, we are here to help in human longevity as research indicates that higher whole grain consumption is associated with lower fatal and cardiovascular disease mortality.

Why do we need Brown Rice?




Vitamin E


3 “High” 


blood sugar


Our Mission

The process

We support the local farmers in sustainable farming for non-arsenic paddy rice

Brown rice

The hull is carefully removed for thicker bran layer to obtain the freshest possible ‘GREENISH’ brown rice.

We retain 17 natural vitamins & minerals that is up to 6.5 time more nutritious than cooked brown rice.


The whole processing line is certified with ISO22000, HACCP, Good Manufacturing Practise (GMP). The products are also certified as Halal by JAKIM Malaysia.

It’s Best For..

Busy parents

Busy parents

While juggling with home and works, family’s nutrition should still be focused to ensure good health. NutriBrownRice®️ make it simple for the busy parents to provide natural vitamins & minerals to your loved ones.



While embracing ageing, elderlies’ nutrition is the top priority to avoid costly medical expenses. The top vitamin to fight ageing is Vitamin E. Some may opt for supplements made with fortified vitamins. But why not getting the natural Vitamin E from NutriBrownRice®️?



More often than not, students who study abroad or stay in the hostels neglected healthy food. Many rely on cup noodles or biscuits to fill their tummy. Hence, NutriBrownRice®️ is here to help you easily replace your unhealthy food consumption.

soft fiet

Soft Meal Diet

If you are looking for soft meal diet for your family who needed medical care, NutriBrownRice®️ is probably the one you trust, so that one would not be lack of essential vitamins & minerals, it even went down to the tubing smoothly. Most importantly, NutriBrownRice®️ cares a lot on ones’ health of blood sugar level.

Our Super Ingredients 


Brown Rice




Soy Lecithin

The Goodness

of our Brown Rice Powder

With the state of high technology in our food processing, it is great news that we successfully retain at least 8 natural vitamins and 8 natural minerals from the brown rice. For every 100g of our brown rice powder, manganese serves as the highest daily value (D.V.) at 75%, follow by vitamin E (41% D.V.), vitamin B6 (40% D.V.), magnesium (27% D.V.), phosphorus (25% D.V.) and choline (22% D.V.). 

Among all the natural nutrients, vitamin E, vitamin B6, choline and phosphorus are  1.5 – 2.3 times more than the cooked brown rice!


I took the strongest gastric medicine but still not helping in my long term gastric. I will suffer from gastric for every 2-3 months until I have finally recovered by having NutriBrownRice®. I will make sure I bring NutriBrownRice®️ with me daily.


Gastric Patient

Karen NutriBrownRice®️ Testimonial

I make sure my boy is having enough fiber intake and not constipated is by giving him his favourite NutriBrownRice® Chocolate, it is less sweet compared to other choc drinks!


Mom of 7 years old boy

Masyati's boy NutriBrownRice®️ Testimonial

I am so grateful that my bed-ridden mother loves NutriBrownRice® No Sugar Added a lot. She feels good and happy ever since she takes lesser fortified supplements. I start to feel the goodness of natural vitamins and minerals for human body.

Annie Lim

Daughter of Mdm Tan

Masyati's boy NutriBrownRice®️ Testimonial

Frequently asked questions

About Our Brand

Where is NutriBrownRice® from?

NutriBrownRice® is made in Northern Part of Malaysia where the brown rice is sourced from the rich tropical paddy field here. The Malaysian brown rice is so precious that it yields only 1% of China has and 9% of Thailand’s brown rice production. We are proud that we offer the freshness of brown rice from our lovely paddy field into your daily mug. It is also a great news to know that our brown rice are arsenic-free.

Why is NutriBrownRice®️ created?

NutriBrownRice® is created due to the lack of whole grain intake in the world-wide population. Secondly, it is created in order to retained the wonderful nutritious vitamins and minerals of fresh brown rice of Northern Malaysia. Although brown rice is known for its health benefits, many brown rice on the shelves has short shelves life due to the high nutrients being eaten by the smart weevils. NutriBrownRice® makes an advance step before the weevils can reach out to our fresh unpolished brown rice to reserve for our mankind.

What makes NutriBrownRice®️ different from other brands?

NutriBrownRice®️ is probably one of the highest quality of brown rice powder you can find in the market. We do not make NutriBrownRice®️ out of broken rice, or overheat it just to make more fragrant taste of brown rice powder. With our state of the art of technology innovation, we constantly refine our products to serve to the healthy populations as well as human who are suffering from modern diseases such as cancers.

NutriBrownRice®️ No Sugar Added

About Our products

What is NutriBrownRice®?

NutriBrownRice® is an instant beverage made of fresh unpolished brown rice as main ingredient, there are 5 different variants such as NutriBrownRice® Original, NutriBrownRice® Inulin with No Sugar Added, NutriBrownRice® Chocolate, NutriBrownRice® Purple Sweet Potato and NutriBrownrRice Oats with Soy Lecithin. The brown rice powder that is used in NutriBrownRice® is processed using high technology processing method that successfully retained 8 natural vitamins and 8 natural minerals of brown rice. We revolutionised the modern way of consuming brown rice. Today, our company leads the world in innovation with high technology processing method that transforms the originally rough texture of brown rice into ultra smooth instant powder while retaining the natural vitamins and minerals of brown rice, which is inevitably the “King” of all grains.

How is NutriBrownRice®️ being packed?

NutriBrownRice® is packed in convenient high quality food-graded sachet of 35g each. This is due to maintaining the freshness of high vitamin E, manganese, Bs vitamin and other natural nutrients found in our brown rice powder.

Who are suitable to drink NutriBrownRice®?

Children age 4 and above, teenagers, adults, pregnant ladies, breastfeeding mothers as well as elderly. NutriBrownRice® is suitable for modern busy people who are normally seriously lack of whole grain and would like to increase their whole grain intake. 

About orders

Do you have a retail store?

NutriBrownRice®️ is an online company only. However we also distributes to Aeon Supermarkets, Popular Bookstores, retail pharmacies and organic stores. You can either visit our NutriBrownRice®️ shop, so that we ship to your door directly or visit to the retail stores, do check out where to buy link here.. 

What payment methods do you use?

You may either transfer to our bank account manually, pay using ipay88 payment gateway, or via paypal through our check out page.

How long will the delivery takes?

Upon confirmation of payment, the delivery may take within 5 working days for Peninsular Malaysia. Delivery for Sabah and Sarawak may take up to 7-14 working days. We ship every day except Saturday, Sunday and Public Holiday.

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NutriBrownRice®️ is a brand own by a Malaysian award-winning healthy beverage manufacturer who has developed the healthy brown rice instant beverage that is super convenient to the keep modern busy people healthy. With just a sachet, you enjoy the health benefits of brown rice in a mug in less than 1minute of preparation time! 

Our production facility is GMP, HACCP, ISO 22000 and Halal certified. We are ultra sensitive to hygiene and have been sourcing the freshest brown rice from northern Malaysia tropical paddy field sustainably. Our company slogan is “Empowering people to be smart in nutrition” and we have been in support of public health seminars and awareness campaigns. Our team is a group of young and passionate Malaysians effortlessly