This is among the most attentive topic ever for many people. Losing visceral fats will make you lose weight! Now we are writing to guide you people to do it!
Old thing to repeat again, but it works very good if you can keep exercising! Just another new tip, cardio exercise work much better than non-cardio workouts. Examples of cardio exercise are running, swimming and aerobics.
Manage your stress
Scientists found that human body produce more hormone (cortisol in specific) in response to increased stress level and further increase visceral fat in the body.
Take in soluble fibers
They can make you feel full for longer period so that you won’t struggle in “to eat or not to eat” problem.
Limit alcohol
We are emphasizing again, alcohol does more harm than the benefits. Taking in them gives you fat. Not to force you to quit, but limiting the amount is good enough (of course quitting have better effect).
Limit carbohydrates
Some people encourage diet with extremely low diet, but the main thing is to avoid refined carbs. Refined carbs contributes mostly energy and very little vitamins, minerals and even fibers. Examples for refined carbs are white bread, fruit juice and pastries.
Adequate sleep
 People with less sleep tend to have more weight gain. If you have problem with sleeping, you may refer to “Interrupted sleep”.
Now it is on you
You might find out that there are points from other articles (like “Slimming the tummy fast”) by us here, but they work! We all know it is hard, but no pain no gain!

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