We believe that we all have someone in our surroundings, who just never wanted to consult doctors for some reason. Many studies have identified the reasons for avoiding medical consultation often including lack of perception towards the need for seeking medical consultation, emotional factors (e.g., fear of bad news and embarrassment), financial concerns, and time constraints. Today we are telling you the importance of consulting medical doctors.

To get true answer for yourself

The immense growth of the internet has changed the world positively in which information is more available than ever before. Despite this, simply searching for the symptoms you are having does not necessarily give you the true answer to your problem. For example, just like what we have said in “diarrhea in kids and recovery”, diarrhea is just a symptom (so as the fever, cough, and so on). Having a check by a doctor will give you a much more accurate answer and provide reliable health information that relevant to your health condition. Do not use health information available on the internet for self diagnose and always seeking health professionals for trusted medical treatment options.

To check on yourself

Here’s the old saying: prevention is better than cure. It is easier to treat illness at an early stage rather than the following stages (especially cancers!). Early detection may result in an increased survival rate and potentially reduced human suffering by getting the right treatment quickly. Talk to your doctors can help you to check for markers of any incoming problems (like blood pressure, blood sugar, etc). A regular medical checkup can help you keep your life on track and protect yourself from the disease.

To secure yourself

While there are a lot of articles out there discussing symptoms of something else or even diseases, you must be careful if they are trying to promote their unique product or service to you, which might cost you money or probably your health! (in case that product doesn’t recover you from disease). While the seller can provide some health information, beware that information provided to promote products or services is not a substitute for proper medical advice. Other signs include sharing information that only talks about the benefits of their products or services and encourages you to buy. Thus, it is important to get proper consultation from your doctor prior to beginning any new medical treatment.

Professionals know more

Today, the doctors and other health care professionals are equipped with updated new medical information and technologies to provide the best care to their patients. It is important to talk to your medical team if you feel that you need assistance. Share your thoughts to your doctor on medical treatment such as types of medication and surgery to let them understand your wishes. We know those doctors will even charge you for consultation, but if you are paying for your health, why not? At last, we STRONGLY RECOMMEND you to go to doctors if you find yourself having some illness.


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