Is Farting Too Much Something Wrong?

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“Is it everyone will fart that much times a day or is it just me?” We believe this confuse most of us. A straight answer is, a normal person will fart about 5 to 15 times per day; any number out of the range might indicate some problem in you.
Why do we have more farts?

  • Had too much high-fiber food or some kind of sugar.  These include things like beans, broccoli, fructose and sorbitol (a type of sugar subtitute).
  • Things like smoking, drinking alcohol, and chewing gums also contribute to farting.
  • Or more accurately, disorders, although this is rare, but it should not be ignored. Crohn’s disease, diabetes, peptic ulcer and so on can make you fart more.
  • If you can’t poop, or you just don’t want to go when the nature calls, “they” will have more time to ferment (or we call that “break down”) into gases.
  • Change in bacteria living in digestive tract. Taking in things like antibiotics or foods with bacteria (bad ones) can cause problems in bacteria environment and thus make you fart more.


  • Avoid or limit some food. You might notice whenever you eat “some” food, you tend to fart more. Just try to avoid or limit its consumption.
  • Eat or drink slowly.Doing these fast will make you take in more air and then you will have bad time thinking about fart.
  • Try to exercise 150 minutes per week, as simple as walking will do.
  • Give up bad habits. Yes, like smoking and drinking alcohol.
  • Take less fatty foods and carbonated beverages.Take them less and you have less farts.

How to know if I am sick?
Well, you could approach your doctor if you really hate farting too much. Situations where you should see them are when you have any of these symptoms:

  • Weight loss for no reason
  • Rectal bleeding
  • Bowel habit changed (e.g. change in frequency per day)

Don’t underestimate fart
Anything weird happen with your fart or your body might be signs of you are going to have big problems soon. Diagnosing the problems earlier allows easier solution.

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