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Nutri. Goodness inside.

NutriBrownRice® spotlights the good inside its products, its people and its state-of-the-art brown rice drinks process method.
Whimsical, smile-inducing campaign centers around the notion that most people don’t believe healthy diet can be fun and taste good, or connected to their values.

The campaign is meant to draw attention to the beauty of what’s inside our product — not only how our products are made and who makes them–but ultimately how we are connected to people who use and love Nutri. We’re reminding everyone we can all be healthy while not spending much time on cooking.

Funded by CRADLE, started to list in products in hospitals
Halal Top 10 HIgh Tech Award by Platcom Ventures, Alliance Bizsmart Entrepreneurship Champion Winner
Rated as 4-star SME, Malaysia Best Employer by Ministry of Human Resource, E50 Entreprise 50 Award by Deloitte, SIAL Innovation Award
Reader's Choice Award
THAIFEX Innovation Award, BabyTalk Reader's Choice Award, Malaysia Brand

“If you take care of your body, it will take care of you.”

Oprah Winfrey

“Women in particular need to keep an eye on their physical and mental health, because if we’re scurrying to and from appointments and errands, we don’t have a lot of time to take care of ourselves. We need to do a better job of putting ourselves higher on our own ‘to do’ list” 

Michelle Obama

“Love begins by taking care of the closest ones – the ones at home.”

Mother Theresa

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Branden & Allycia graduated in UTM in year 2004

How we started?

Both husband & wife, Branden & Allycia, the ‘university sweet-hearts’ started Abrand Food Manufacturing Sdn Bhd in 2012. The have gone through 3 same careers in 17 years journey together. 

Branden & Allycia were inspired by the book called Rich Dad Poor Dad’s by Robert Kiyosaki. They aspired to build a business but they were still exploring. So they registered a company called Abrand Food Manufacturing Sdn Bhd on 16 Nov 2012. 

Allycia’s sister was diagnosed with brain cancer and passed away 2 years later. Branden’s uncle also left the world due to cancer. They were in dilemmas. So, they researched into how humans eat and what causes cancer. They eventually realised that brown rice is the world’s healthiest food. 

After many rounds of testings and R&Ds, they have shortlisted 1 greenish brown rice out of 20 strains of brown rice.  They finally came up with NutriBrownRice® smooth healthy drinks. Since then, they started to commercialise the products and their first corporate client was a hospital!

A story about our founder

What continue to motivate us?

In 2015, more than 1 doctor suspected my eldest son to have bone cancer. But luckily, it was just a bone infection. 


This health scare inspired my wife and me to be the ‘health ministers’ of the family. I was amazed to discover that brown rice is the world’s healthiest food!

However, my 3 kids dislike eating brown rice compared to white rice. So I created smooth brown rice drinks. My son also had a poor digestive system due to long term consumption of antibiotics. So we remove lactose in our brown rice drinks. Brown rice is naturally hypoallergenic. My son was finally happy drinking NutriBrownRice® and he grew from skinny to chubby. My family has started to be healthy!


NutriBrownRice® founder: Branden with family

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We discovered a link between the lack of vitamin E in human daily diet and it’s benefits to fight against cancer. The good news is that the brown rice powder we produce keeps a high level of wholefood vitamin E. 

Mama Papa Readers' Choice Award

This award is only given to deserving brands, based on the combined votes and positive opinion of our readers rating the products and services they have used. NutriBran™ Pure Organic Quinoa and NutriBran™ Pure Brown Rice awarded as the Best Healthy Baby Food.

The National Mark of Malaysia Brand Certification

Successfully certified as The NationalMark of Malaysian Brand Certification Scheme by SIRIM QAS & SME Corp.

*In the last ten years, less than 300 companies have earned this certification!

WINNER: Natural Health Magazine's Readers' Choice Award 2018, Vol 97 Malaysia

The Natural Health Reader’s Choice Awards 2018, presented in conjunction with A Healthy Lifestyle, is now in its 9th year as a trusted testimony to the recognition and excellence of the many brands of products available in the Malaysian market in the categories of health, wellness, beauty, and wellbeing.

Obtained Registered Trademark

 After more than 3 years of application, we’ve finally obtained our Registered Trademark.


A panel of juries including world-renowned food specialists and celebrity chefs. Full range of NutriBrownRice® were recognized as health groceries that are nutritious, delicious and convenient.

NutriBrownRice® was also featured at the SIAL Paris 2016 in France.

Abrand Food Rated 4 Star

SME Corporation Malaysia has officially conducted a report on Abrand Food Manufacturing for its Competitiveness Rating Evaluation. (www.smecorp.gov.my)

WINNER of Halal Hi-Tech Challenge 2016

Abrand Food is 1 of the 10 recipients of the total of RM5,000,000 grant. Panel of Judges in this competition includes SME Corp of Malaysia, 
JAKIM Malaysia, Malaysian Innovation Agency & Halal Development Corporation.

Singapore Health Promotion Board Endorsement as HEALTHY FOOD

Singapore Health Promotion Board has endorsed the entire NutriBrownRice® product line as a “Healthier Choice” in the cereal beverage category, with the “Higher in Whole-grains” logo. (www.hpb.gov.sg)

THAIFEXtaste Innovation Show FINALIST

Handpicked from over 700 entries, this product indicates where the next trends and innovation in food and beverage are heading next.

NutriBran™ (Purple Sweet Potato with Organic Quinoa – Instant) was a finalist in Thaifex 2019 for “Top Innovative Products.”

Islamic Innovation Challenge Award

Ministry Entrepreneur Development, SME Corp Malaysia, and PlaTCOM Ventures Sdn Bhd organized this Islamic Innovation Challenge 2019 Award Ceremony.

LIVE on Astro AWANI and AXN Bizsmart Challenge

Mr Branden Kuan, Director of Abrand Food (Owner of NutriBrownRice®), appearred as an advisor for this highly awaited Reality Show.

Enterprise 50 Awards

Enterprise 50 (www.e50.com.my) is an annual award program coordinated by the SME Corporation Malaysia and Deloitte Malaysia, with sponsorship from RHB Bank and Telekom Malaysia (TM), to recognize and celebrate the accomplishments of well-positioning SME companies for the future. Abrand Food was awarded based on the company’s food-tech innovation, business scalability, market competitiveness, and world exportability.

BEST 1 Malaysia Employer of The Year

Organized by the Ministry of Human Resources, Malaysia (Award as conferred by the Prime Minister of Malaysia). Award ceremony was broadcasted Live on Radio Television of Malaysia. The merits taken include our consistency in promoting local talents protecting the welfare of all employees.

Alliance BizSmart Challenge Eco World Entrepreneurship Award

More than 2000 contestants participated in this business challenge and NutriBrownRice® is awarded as champion in it. The panel of Judges includes:

  • EcoWorld Malaysia
  • Alliance Bank
  • VISA
  • Manulife 

Started Supplying to Institut Jantung Negara (IJN)

Abrand Food started serving NutriBrownRice® to patients in the Institut Jantung Negara ward. (www.ijn.com.my)

Cradle Fund Recipient

Cradle Fund has awarded Abrand Food an RM500,000 grant for its global competitiveness and sustainability in high-tech brown rice processing methods. (www.cradle.com.my)

Cradle Fund’s team is in love with NutriBrownRice®. It’s a form of recognition for Abrand’s proprietary food-tech innovation.

Lactose free
Gluten free
High Vit. E
Natural nutrients
Quality packaging
Tube -feeding friendly

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