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We are on a great mission!

To inspire health through food & empower people to be smart in nutrition.

Back to basic, back to the ancient nutrients
Our ancestors’ diet was very different from ours nowadays. They used to be having a wide variety of food choices in the wild and jungle while we eat mostly commercialized food. And the shocking truth is the top 75% of food comes from only 12 plants and 5 animals. The concentration around just a few foods makes our food system less resilient to modern illnesses and threats like disease, pests, viruses, and climate change.

Commercialized food chain, diabetes on the rise
In the 1990s, fast-food companies and soft drinks started to sprout and expand globally until today. We see the diabetes epidemic surge drastically and continue to affect the health standard globally.

A health-passionate founder who walked the family health scares
In 2013, our founder’s sister-in-law was diagnosed with brain cancer, glioblastoma – a type of deadly cancer that has an average of half a year lice balance once diagnosed. Doctors reminded the family to consume brown rice as it is one of the best food for human beings. Another year later, our founder’s uncle has diagnosed with esophagus cancer. Both defeated in cancer battle and these incidents have triggered the founder’s passion to look into human health and source for food that we believe to be the best medicine for any human diseases.

Covid-19, what does it tells human?
Now that we have the Covid-19 pandemic making huge impacts on the world’s economy, restricting human interactions and changing the future living worldwide.  The key factor to fight against Coronavirus is undeniably a strong immune system. Having a strong immune system boils down to having balanced nutrients and consistent exercises.

Another sad truth to reveal from the Covid-19 pandemic is the death cases reported were mostly people with existing health conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, high cholesterol and etc. All these illnesses have been studied comprehensively that they are reversible NATURALLY through the right nutrients, diets, and exercises.

A convenient food solution
That’s where the idea for NutriBrownRice® came from. We have then discovered the wonders of a superfood – brown rice such as cancer-fighting nutrients like manganese, vitamin E, and vitamin B6. NutriBrownRice® – a convenient food solution that your body is seriously lacking.

A great place for simple health tips
In NutriBrownRice.com, you will find great healthy basic food products that are essential to your immune system, and it is also a great place for you to harness basic human health tips. We believe that with our simple explanations, many will be empowered with basic health knowledge that everyone should know.

MamaPapa Award-Logo

2019 Papa Mama Readers’ Choice Award

This award is only given to deserving brands, based on the combined votes and positive opinion of our readers rating the products and services they have used. Your votes help validate their hard work and we hope you will enjoy exploring the results!


2019  THAIFEXtaste Innovation Show Finalists

Handpicked from over 700 entries, this product indicates where the next trends and innovation in F&B are heading next.

National Mark of Malaysian Brand 2019 - Nutri Brown Rice by Abrand Food

2019 Malaysian Brand Award

SME Corporation Malaysia, in collaboration with SIRIM QAS International Sdn. Bhd. has developed the National Mark of Malaysian Brand certification program that promotes the development of Malaysian brands to meet global standards of Quality, Excellence, and Distribution

Reader Choice - Nutri Brown Rice by Abrand Food

2018 WINNER: Natural Health Magazine’s Readers’ Choice Award November 2018 Vol 97 Malaysia

Malaysian diets largely consist of white rice, whereby more than 80% of its nutrients are stripped off from brown rice. The high GI in white rice is known as bad carbohydrates that spike the insulin and causes high blood sugar among Malaysians. And a shocking news revealed in July this year states that Malaysia has the highest rate diabetes in Asiaand one of the highest in the world! The health benefits of brown rice thankfully, are bountiful cancer-fighting micronutrients such as selenium, manganese and betaine. NutriBrownRice Original (No Sugar Added with Prebiotics) is the most popular drink locally and internationally, especially those with gastric conditions. NutriBrownRice (Oat with Soy Lecithin) is well-loved by breastfeeding mothers and those with high cholesterol.

E50 Entreprise50 Award 12th Position 2017- Nutri Brown Rice by Abrand Food

2017 Enterprise 50 Awards

Enterprise 50 is an annual award programme organised by the SME Corporation Malaysia (SME Corp. Malaysia) and Deloitte Malaysia, with supporting sponsorship by RHB Bank Berhad and Telekom Malaysia Berhad (TM) to celebrate and highlight the achievements of enterprising small and medium companies that are well-positioned for the future. Abrand Food was awarded based on the company’s food-tech innovation, business scalability, market competitiveness, and world-exportability.

SIAL Innovation Diploma - Nutri Brown Rice by Abrand Food

2017 Awarded DIPLOMA in SIAL INNOVATION, Shanghai

Panel of juries including world renowned food specialists and celebrity chefs. Full range of NutriBrownRice® were recognised as health groceries that are nutritious, delicious and convenient.

NutriBrownRice® also made an appearance in SIAL Paris 2016 in France.

SME Corp 4 star rating - Nutri Brown Rice by Abrand Food

2017 SME Corporation Malaysia Score

SME Corporation Malaysia has officially conducted a report on Abrand Food Manufacturing for its Competitiveness Rating Evaluation. (www.smecorp.gov.my)

Best Employer Award by Ministry of Human Resourse Malaysia 2017 in Putrajaya - Nutri Brown Rice by Abrand Food

2017 “Best 1Malaysia Employer of the Year”

Organized by Ministry of Human Resource, Malaysia (Award was conferred by the Prime Minister of Malaysia). Award ceremony was broadcasted Live on Radio Television of Malaysia. The merits taken include our consistency in promoting local talents, protecting the welfare of all employees.

BizSmart Challenge SME Innovation Champion EcoWorld Entrepreneurship Champion - Nutri Brown Rice by Abrand Food

2016 Alliance BizSmart Challenge Eco World Entrepreneurship Award

More than 2000 contestants participated in this business challenge and NutriBrownRice is awarded as champion in it. The panel of Judges in this competition includes:

HPB logo

2015 Singapore Health Promotion Board Endorsement as Healthy Food

The full range of NutriBrownRice® is being endorsed by the Singapore Health Promotion Board as “Healthier Choice” under the cereal beverage category with the “Higher in Whole-Grains” logo.

GMP Food Safety - Nutri Brown Rice by Abrand Food
HACCP Food Safety - Nutri Brown Rice by Abrand Food
ISO22000 Food Safety - Nutri Brown Rice by Abrand Food
Halal Malaysia - Nutri Brown Rice by Abrand Food

Our Processing Certification

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