[Loose Sachet] NutriBrownRice® - No Sugar Added + Prebiotic Brown Rice Drink - Lactose-free


■ Gastric? Difficult to go to the toilet? Too much coffee/fried food/fast food/soft drinks? It’s time to love your digestive system.

■ Since 2014, we pack every sachet with 5.1 g of Inulin (Prebiotic) imported from Belgium (for a good intestinal environment) & 54% of High natural Vitamin E Brown Rice Powder (for wholegrains intake packed with natural micronutrients), to make you feel full longer, snack lesser, stay stronger.

■ This combination was magical. We were surprised at how these ingredients help to improve the digestive system. Many customers have tried and confirmed this again & again.

■ Researches were done on thousands of human on the health benefits of prebiotic and also brown rice. We do not need to elaborate more on this. Wholegrain increases your life span by 25-35% more. No wholegrain intake = shorter life. With > 3 servings of wholegrain intake = live 10-20 years longer (fewer illnesses, heart attack, and cancers) 😊 Please PM us to request the research links if you are interested to read in details from the source.

■ 1 sachet NutriBrownRice® = 1 serving of whole-grain intake

■ It’s packed with natural high vitamin E and dietary fiber, a natural source of Vitamin B6, Iron, and Protein.

■ This is a NO SUGAR ADDED series, 100% Vegan and Lactose-Free too!

■ It is tested ZERO gluten by an internationally recognized lab.

▶︎▶︎▶︎▶︎ Natural or synthetic? It’s your choice now. 😊

Buy 2-3 sachets at2 - 11 35.29%
Buy 12-23 sachets at12 - 29 37.25%
Buy 24 sachets and above at30 - 1000 39%


■ ONLY 4 simple ingredients: Brown Rice Powder (54%), Coconut Creamer – 100% Vegan, Inulin (Prebiotic), Calcium Phosphate Tribasic (Prayphos™).

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