NutriBrownRice® (Chocolate-30 sachets)


Many chocolate drinks in the market are too sweet, with added sugar as high as 15-25g per serving! NutriBrownRice®️ chocolate is low in brown sugar. It also has source of Fiber in it. Making children’s favourite chocolate drink healthier than before!

Each sachet of beverage contains:
NutriBrownRice® (Chocolate)


NutriBrownRice® (Chocolate) is the new generation of children’s nutritional products. It is low in sugar yet provide essential dietary fibre to support children’s need. It is under HACCP, GMP and certified by ISO22000 and Halal by JAKIM.

NutriBrownRice® (Chocolate) is using brown sugar instead of white sugar. It is 30-70% lower in sugar as compared with other common chocolate drinks. 1 sachet has 200mcg of vitamin B6, 12% of your daily value. It is important for the normal function of the immune system.

We understand your kids deserve a drink that makes them grow stronger, stay full longer, having a smooth bowel system and sleep deeper. They also need something that tastes great but not overloaded with sugar. It’s definitely your Kid’s favorite! They will not realize that they drink a whole lot of wholegrains instead of sugary cocoa malt drinks!

Additional information

Weight1.3 kg
Dimensions30 × 22.5 × 8 cm

Nutritional Information

The Nutritional Information below is based on Per Serving (35mg).


151 kcal

Saturated Fat

2.1g, 11% daily value


0mg, 0% daily value


47mg, 2% daily value

Dietary Fibre

1.6g, 6% daily value


53mg, 4% daily value







Vitamin B6200mcg, 12% daily value (High)


Brown Rice Powder (47%), Coconut creamer (100% Vegan), Brown Sugar, Cocoa Powder, Calcium Phosphate Tribasic (Prayphos™).

Suggested Use

PREPARATION: Prepare 220ml of hot water (80-90 degree Celcius), pour in the powder, and stir well.

ADMINISTRATION: Drink 1 cup in the morning after a glass of warm water. During a course, it is usually 2 weeks to soothe discomfort, or as directed by your doctor. NutriBrownRice® as food can be taken daily.

REMARK: We simply advise against using a microwave as it may negatively impact the nutritional value of the product. No Therapeutic Claims.

3 reviews for NutriBrownRice® (Chocolate-30 sachets)

  1. Silver Member Mom of Ethan (verified owner)

    I have a picky eater boy. The milk formula that he has been taking always make him difficult to go to the toilet. I bought all the expensive probiotics for him but it still didn’t work. I didn’t know by giving him his favourite chocolate brown rice milk, he is finally having regular toilet.

  2. Silver Member Kiki (verified owner)

    I love chocolate milk but I’m lactose intolerance. This is the best chocolate drink that won’t cause any issue to me.

  3. Silver Member Kayden Sim (verified owner)

    This is the most affordable healthy drink that is very delicious and healthy. I love this drink so maybe when you try drinking this. Maybe you will love it. Drink this drink in the morning then you will have a surge of power like me:)

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