NutriBran™ (100% Pure Brown Rice Powder – Instant)


Our health mission: there were a total of 37,400 Malaysian having cancers in 2012 and 21,700 people died of cancers. The risk of getting cancer before 75 is age about 15%. Among the top cancers reported in Malaysians are colon cancers, breast cancers, lung cancers and prostate cancers.

Vitamin E is known to be a strong anti-oxidant to fight against free radical damage that causes cancer. However, Vitamin E in supplement form does not provide the same effects as natural vitamin E in fighting against colon cancers, asthma problem, protect cardiovascular/pancreas/kidney health, anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, and anti-tumor growth. 100g of vitamin E has 6.1mg of natural vitamin E (equivalent to 3 avocados’ vitamin E)

For baby 6 months and above

• Cancer patients

• People lacked in whole grain intake

• People with depression

• People with asthma

• People with high cholesterol/diabetes

• Suitable to add into smoothies/baked-food etc (replace 20% of white flour in any recipes!)


This golden-beige colour aromatic 100% brown rice instant powder is made with freshly de-hulled brown rice with thicker bran layer attached where more than 60% nutrients of the whole-grain are found. The brown rice went through high technology pasteurisation to retain more nutrients than home cooked brown rice. The fine mesh created easily digested, hypoallergenic, organoleptic and source of nutrients suitable for vegetarians. Friendly to those sensitive to milk, wheat, and soy. It is carefully produced with unbroken brown rice we source directly from paddy fields. It’s a seed with life, a nutritional rock star!

Additional information

Weight 300 kg
Dimensions 4.5 × 2.5 × 17 cm

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