Vision & Mission

Our Vision

Make the world a healthier place to live while making it accessible to all women and their families.

Our Mission

To keep people healthy and make sure our planet becomes healthier too.

Our Honest Approach

We source the freshest brown rice from Malaysia’s tropical paddy field,
using ‘award-winning’ high technology processing method to
produce brown rice drinks in high volume, to lower down
the cost of 
production. We’re health-passionate and
obsessed with advocating for human health.

Our Rare Brown Rice

  • Our brown rice is ‘greenish‘ in color, you would rarely see this in the market.
  • That’s because of the fresh quality we source from our northern Malaysia paddy field.
  • The greenish color fades after about 2 weeks on the shelve.
  • It’s amazing that we manage to keep a total of 17 nutrients within this superfood.

The Goodness of Our Brown Rice Powder

  • Our brown rice powder is up to 6.5 times more nutritious than cooked brown rice.
  • For every 100 g of NutriBrownRice®, manganese serves as the highest daily value (D.V.) at 75%, followed by vitamin E (41% D.V.), magnesium (27% D.V.), phosphorus (25% D.V.), and choline (22 % D.V.).
  • Besides, vitamin E in NutriBrownRice® is as high as 3 avocados for 6.1 g/100 g.

In 2014, we started serving to hospitals as in-patients menu drinks. In 2020, we have served over 500,000 consumers, due to the popular digestive-care effect of NutriBrownRice®️. We
enhanced our formula by removing lactose, making
NutriBrownRice® 100% vegan and hypoallergenic.

We Give Back to Our Community

Our Covid-19 response: We care for front-liners

We contributed a small part by providing Sunway Medical Centre front-liners with our nutritious NutriBrownRice®. We hope that every healthcare front-liners stay safe and energize while dealing with patients.

We appreciate our national heroes contribution

We appreciate our national heroes’ bravery and selflessness. About 1000 servings of NutriBrownRice® are donated to our front-liners at Hospital Kuala Lumpur. We wish to cheer them up and make them feel full longer while battling this pandemic.

Our way to support front-line healthcare professionals

We wanted to express our gratitude to these amazing warriors who worked tirelessly round the clock. We approached Gleneagles Hospital in Kuala Lumpur and Ms. Hoo, the CEO received NutriBrownRice® for her front-line professionals.

Sending warmth to KPJ front-liners

Front-liners dedication and commitment are truly admirable. We sincerely care for them and this time we visited KPJ Healthcare Selangor. Sharing our top-selling brown rice beverages with the front-liners there was truly fulfilling.

Bringing joy to needy

We care for people in need and believe food could bring joy. We went to Petaling Jaya’s Beautiful Gate Foundation For The Disabled and given out our NutriBrownRice® and Nutribran™. What makes us happy is our opportunity to give back to society, not luxurious meals or fancy clothing.

Don't take our word on it,
see what our loyal fans have to say.

I have many patients who are diabetic and/or watching their sugar levels so it is great that NutriBrownRice® has a sugar free option! And not many people love eating brown rice, but now they can eat brown rice and reap the rewards of it!
Ms Cheang
Pharmacist of Better Life Pharmacy
I am so grateful that my bed-ridden mother loves NutriBrownRice® No Sugar Added a lot. She feels good and happy ever since she takes lesser fortified supplements. I start to feel the goodness of natural vitamins and minerals for the human body.
Annie Lim
Daughter of Mdm Tan
I make sure my boy is having enough dietary fiber intake and not constipated is by giving him his favourite NutriBrownRice® Chocolate, it is less sweet compared to other choc drinks!
Mom of 6 years old boy