Congratulations! You are going to become a mother. In the next 9 months, your little angel will arrive in this world. But, are you eating the right way and enough nutrition for your baby’s development and for your own self? 

When Should I Begin Taking Care of My Diet?

All women need to practice a balanced nutritious diet as soon as they plan to become pregnant and this good heating habit should continue throughout the pregnancy in order to give birth to a healthy generation. This is because healthy nutrition before pregnancy will supply the storage of nutrients for the needs of the formation of the fetus in early pregnancyTherefore, every woman who is planning to get pregnant should care about nutrition for reducing health risks during pregnancy and the subsequent birth of a healthy baby.

Eating for Two, Is It True?

It is FALSE! 

During pregnancy, an increase in body weight throughout the pregnancy should be monitored to meet the recommendations. The increase in weight that does not follow the recommendations will affect the health of the mother and the baby. Thus, extra calorie that needs to add to your current intake should be according to the trimester of pregnancy as follows:

Extra Kcal Per Day
Extra Kcal Per Day
Extra Kcal Per Day

What to Eat and What Not?

What to Eat

Choose your foods according to the Malaysian Food Pyramid

Practice eating the 3 main meals (breakfast, lunch & dinner) using the quarter quarter half concept. Add on 1-3 healthy snacks in between.

Enjoy a variety of foods from within each food group

Eat more high fiber food

Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day

What Not to Eat

Limit food and drinks high in sugar contents

Limit intake of caffeine that mostly present in coffee, tea, and carbonated drinks

Avoid undercooked food as they are prone to cause food poisoning

The Important Nutrients During Pregnancy

3 Healthy Drinks Option for Pregnant Ladies

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The suggestion of Menu for Each Trimester

Menu for Pregnancy 1st trimester
Menu for Pregnancy 2nd trimester
Menu for Pregnancy 3rd trimester

In conclusion, a pregnant mother needs to eat extra calories but not literally means to eat for two. A healthy and well-balanced diet should be practiced in order to gain a recommended weight gain throughout pregnancy. Consuming  NutriBrownRice®  during breakfast, afternoon tea, or supper could be a better choice for a pregnant lady as it is a source of whole grain, contains calcium, vitamin E, vitamin B6, Vitamin B3, iron, and is high in fiber too.